The Fun-Raising Factor!

Fundraising makes the Wellness Walk experience even more fun! As you finish the 5.9km walk you arrive at the Wellness Festival to celebrate not just your walk but also the contribution you’ve made to supporting others through your fundraising efforts. 

We’ve got big dreams for 2018... we’re aiming to raise $30,000 to support and serve people living with mental illness.  Join us to help reach that goal! Whatever you can raise, every dollar makes a difference.

By fundraising for the Wellness Walk you're helping to fund essential mental health programs and services to support people living with a mental illness, their families and carers.

Take your first step and set up your fundraising page now.

Why not challenge yourself and see what you can raise? Or challenge your friends and see who can raise the most! Or form a fundraising team!

Who Benefits From The Funds Received?

The Wellness Walk raises money for three charities including primarily the organisers of the event One Door Mental Health.

One Door Mental Health

One Door Mental Health
Through One Door, people living with mental illness and their families can find an inclusive community, innovative services and advocacy support. Creating a world in which people with a mental illness are valued and treated as equals is at the heart of everything we do.

For more than 30 years, One Door has designed and delivered expert mental health programs that are now accessible through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

One Door Mental Health is a leading mental health service provider specialising in severe and persistent mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, severe anxiety, psychosis, schizoaffective disorder, borderline personality disorder.

The majority of our team have lived experience giving us unmatched expertise in mental health. Our community creates a safe place that connects people. The services we offer are supported by many years of experience making us the NDIS mental health experts. And our advocacy work is putting an end to stigma and makes your voice stronger every day.

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Click here to see how One Door uses funds raised.

Flourish Australia

Flourish AustraliaFlourish Australia are the mental health charity for people with lived experience, provided by people who have been there. Over half our workforce has lived experience, and all of us want to help those dealing with a mental health issue feel supported, meet their everyday challenges and thrive in their lives. We value lived experience, support recovery, challenge discrimination, connect people, families and communities.

Our purpose is to create and inspire a world where everyone’s mental wellbeing flourishes.

Flourish Australia has over 50 years’ experience providing comprehensive, holistic support for people affected by a mental health issue. We don’t see the problem, we see the person. We love that everyone’s different and we help people find solutions as individual as they are. We provide one-on-one mentoring to assist people set goals, and guide them through the steps to achieve them. Most importantly, we put them in control of their journey.

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Mental Health Carers NSW

Mental Health Carers NSWMental Health Carers NSW (formerly Arafmi NSW) is a non-government organization that provides advocacy and support for families, relatives and friends of people who experience mental illness, living in NSW.

Mental Health Carers NSW (MHCN) provides support and advocacy for families and friends of people living with a mental illness or disorder. MHCN reaches out with friendship and understanding to all whose lives are touched by a mental health problem. We aim to maintain and improve existing levels of support services to all relatives and friends of people with a mental illness.

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How Are Funds Used by One Door Mental Health?

Your financial contribution means that we can continue to provide essential and innovative programs and services to people living with a mental illness and relevant information to their families and carers. Here are some ways that funds are used:

 20 dollars Enables our volunteers to make 100 local and 20 regional outreach support calls to isolated people living with a mental illness and carers
 50 dollars Enables one person with mental illness to attend a smoking reduction program
 100 dollars Enables one person to attend our successful Clubhouse Recovery Program for a week
 250 dollars Enables the Mental Health Sports Network to run a Sporting Event for 4 people
 350 dollars Enables one person to attend the 16 week New Moves Healthy Lifestyle Program  OR
Enables a carer to have a short break at Manly Sanctuary Respite Centre  OR
Enables a person with mental illness to spend a week at Burwood Respite Centre
 500 dollars Enables a young person to attend an On Fire Weekend Support Group Program to assist them in coping with a parent who has a mental illness.
 1000 dollars Enables one person living with mental illness to attend a 5 day Sports Camp
 2000 dollars Enables a group of people to be trained as community advocates for improved services for people living with mental illness and their families

We are so grateful for your support and we thank you.

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