Why Take Part?


We all go through tough times & we all know it’s the love and support of family and friends that lifts us up & makes all the difference. Mental illness is a tough time experienced by 1 in 5 Australians, so chances are someone in your life is doing it tough. They may live openly with mental illness or be suffering quietly. For some people it’s one episode. For others it’s a severe and life-long challenge.

Although mental illness itself is not life threatening around 15% of people affected by mental illness die by suicide. Currently government funding provides assistance for only half of the support and care needed in the community for mental health services.

Open discussion creates understanding for those who are living with mental illness. By taking the time for the Wellness Walk, you are taking a stand that helps create space for more understanding. The more we understand the more compassionate we are, the better the lives of all those affected. 


This event raises awareness and much-needed funds for One Door Mental Health a not-for-profit mental health service provider.

As a fundraiser you are contributing in a meaningful way to supporting people with serious mental illness while at the same time encouraging members of your community to be active and support people in their journey towards wellness.

Your support for this event will ensure that the services we provide get to the people who need them most.  In the new NDIS environment it is more important than ever that we have the funds to support those who do not get access to NDIS funding for their support needs.

Your support will go towards giving members of the community the opportunity to connect with each other and, most of all, play an active role in the conversation about serious mental illness; the first step in eliminating the ugly stigma.

One Door Mental Health also invites other mental health organisations to participate in this event and encourages them to raise funds to support their services. Upon registration, if you choose to fundraise, you have the choice of which mental health organisation you would like to fundraise for. 
You can read more about it on our FUNDRAISE page.


Through One Door Mental Health, people living with mental illness and their families can find an inclusive community, innovative services and strong advocacy. For more than 30 years One Door has designed and delivered expert mental health programs now available through the NDIS. Creating a world in which people with a mental illness are valued and treated as equals is at the heart of everything we do.

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1 in 5 Australians Experience Mental Illness