Journey to Wellness – Shaun Taranto


At twenty-two years old, Shaun’s life had to be put on hold when he became unwell. The days he previously spent working as a mechanic, were replaced with days spent in a hospital room. Later on, in an attempt to keep up with his responsibilities, Shaun began working again when he was thirty years old. Read more







Kevin’s story


Kevin was nine years old when his mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia. The psychotic episode he has never forgotten, was when the person he loved most in the world suddenly turned into a threatening figure, waving a knife. It had been bewildering in the extreme. “You see your mother as having a carer role. And then that was kind of stripped away,” he says. Read more






Save the Date - Message from Wellness Walk Ambassador Tim Sheridan

Tim Sheridan


I am proud to have been an Ambassador for the Wellness Walk & Festival since its inception three years ago and it’s great to see how much this event has grown in a short amount of time. 

Mental Health is something we all take for granted, but it’s an issue that will affect many Australians from all walks of life. The primary way to address mental health is to create awareness of it and support for it and the Wellness Walk offers everyone a great opportunity to do just that. Read more




NRL & AFL Supporting Players Living With Mental Illness

Dan Hunt


Fox Sports Senior Correspondent and committed Wellness Walk Ambassador Tim Sheridan looks at what's happening with mental health in the NRL and AFL.This story features the work of Dan Hunt. Dan is a recently retired elite St George-Illawara Dragons rugby player with personal experience of metal health issues, and today uses his experience to help others as an NRL Mental Health Ambassador. Read on for an interesting insight into what's happening in mental health and football today. Read more




Want To Know The Real Story Behind The Wellness Walk?  

Governor Hurley and  Larry Smith at the Wellness Walk 2014



If you were at the Wellness Walk 2014 you may have noticed that His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret’d), Governor of New South Wales was there too. That’s because His Excellency is the Wellness Walk’s patron. 

Just last week His Excellency was again showing his support for mental health in his role as keynote speaker at a lunch attended by 165 people. This sell-out event marked the 30th anniversary of the Schizophrenia Fellowship, the umbrella organisation taking in the Wellness Walk. Read more

Thank You For Supporting Wellness Walk 2014

Wellness Walk 2014 raised over $87,000!

And it's all thanks to you!

What a Wonderful Day!  


The early downpour didn't deter this year's wonderful Wellness Walkers. And at 10am, just as the walk started, the rain stopped and sun began to shine!  A sea of yellow sunflower pinwheels showed the mass of community support for those living with mental illness and for their carers. From the bottom of our hearts, to every walker and every supporter, thank you! See more

Wellness Walk 2014 - Sunday 16th November 2014


At 8am it was raining cats and dogs - those of us on site at the Wellness Walk looked mournfully at the sky and consulted our phones to see when the rain would clear. The prognosis varied: rain clearing at 10am up to 1pm. Groan!

Those still in bed opened one eye, looked at the weather and either thought ‘back to sleep now, I’ll go next year’ or ‘what does a little rain do, onward and upward!’ The former were few in number, the latter the great majority as nearly 700 people were at the start line for the second Wellness Walk. Read more

A Special Thank You Event 


With the Wellness Walk fast approaching, last Wednesday was the perfect time to celebrate our generous Sponsors and Ambassadors and say Thank You! We are so grateful for everything they are doing to make the Wellness Walk a huge success.

Special thanks to Wentworth Galleries who generously provided us with the perfect venue for the evening - their beautiful art gallery. Read More

Thank you Dentsu! Wellness Walk In The Telegraph! 


Thanks to our wonderful media partners Dentsu today a fantastic ad for the Wellness Walk appeared in the Daily Telegraph. We love their creativity & how they used the green man! We can't wait to see how many people walk for wellness with us on 16 November! See more


A Personal Message From Writer Beth Jessup    14/10/2014

This article was first published in The Guardian on 15 November 2013.

I lost my son to mental illness - we must fight for more compassion 
Stigma surrounding mental illness will continue until mothers and fathers, siblings and friends come out of the centuries-old shadows of fear, unite and stand firm for our loved ones


Marcus and I dreamed of a cure for schizophrenia and a world where stigma was gone'. I never expected it. He was an optimist, just like me, so when I found my son that afternoon, down in the garage, I screamed and screamed, “Marcus, what have you done! What have you done!" John, his father, was behind me, both of us trembling uncontrollably, thinking "there has to be life!" neighbour ran over and started mouth to mouth. John was crying, willing him to live. But I could see the colour had gone from his beautiful face – I knew he had left us. The ambulance came and paramedics took over, trying to revive him. It was a scorching, humid Lismore day. It was 1.30pm, 29 November 2011. Read more

Befriending Anxiety - Published in the Sun-Herald, Sunday Life Magazine, 17/8/14