The Wellness Walk Ambassadors lend their names, their time and their support.  And they're 100% volunteers because this is a cause they believe in. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Ambassadors! 

If you're interested in lending your voice and becoming a Wellness Walk Ambassador, please contact us to find out more. 

Anne Maria Nicholson,  Current Affairs News Journalist

Anne Maria Nicholson Wellness Walk 2015 Ambassador

"One in five Australians suffer mental illness at some stage of their lives so chances are you know somebody affected. T

he Wellness Walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a great way to raise awareness, exercise and have fun at the same time.

I'm honoured to be an Ambassador for the walk and look forward to seeing you all there as, together, we traverse one of the world's great bridges."

Tim Sheridan, Fox Sports Journalist

Tim Sheridan Wellness Walk 2016 Ambassador

 “Mental Health is something we all take for granted, but it’s an issue that will affect many Australians from all walks of life.

The primary way to address mental health is to create awareness. The Wellness Walk will become - literally – another very popular step in that direction.

It’s a lovely, simple metaphor; we’re on a journey and we must keep moving. “

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Matthew Johnstone, Best selling Author-Illustrator, Wellness Coach, Speaker, & Creative Director of the Black Dog Institute

Matthew Johnstone-Wellness Walk 2015 Ambassador

"My family and I are very proud to be part of the Wellness Walk.  Research shows that regular exercise is as affective for treating mild to moderate stress, anxiety and depression as antidepressants. 
I don’t live at gyms, run marathons or swim oceans but regular, weekly exercise is one of the major cornerstones in my life management and wellbeing.
Exercise can make the significant change between doing life and living it."

 Matthew's Bio

Paulini, Australian Idol Star & Celebrated Singer

Paulini Wellness Walk 2016 Ambassador

 "It’s incredibly important for all of us to feel strong in mind, body and spirit, which for some can be a luxury.

I have always tried to maintain a happy balance of exercise and eating well, knowing how important that is for positivity and general wellbeing, so it was an honour to be invited to be an Ambassador for the Wellness Walk.

This is an incredible opportunity to help raise awareness (and hopefully lots of generous donations!!!) towards Mental Health in Australia, and to offer love and support to those in need... not to mention a wonderful excuse to just get families out and about in this great city of ours."

Paulini's Bio

Bill Calcraft,
Renewable Energy Specialist and former Wallaby

Bill Calcraft - Ambassador

"This a fun event indeed and for all the right reasons

My guess is that very few of us are not impacted by mental illness, to some extent ,somewhere within our extended families.

So let's first help to raise the awareness, then we share a bit of knowledge and we are all better positioned to help and support the excellent work of SFNSW."

Chloe Dallimore
Musical Theatre Star, Co-owner of a Pilates / Dance Fitness Workout Venue

Chloe Dallimore Wellness Walk 2015 Ambassador

Chloe’s father battled chronic fatigue after being dismissed from the army during the Vietnam conflict, and eventually succumbed to the darkness of the impact such a disease had on his mental health, suiciding when Chloe was sixteen years of age.

Chloe is passionate about dance and movement and harnessing the power we have within to heal body and mind.

Chloe is thrilled to be participating in her first Wellness Walk!!

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